Craft beer: should wine be worried?


Last Thursday saw the first ever Craft Beer Festival take place at the Biscuit Mill in Woodstock and, being on the eve of a public holiday, it was filling up as early as 5pm… and reports confirm that it was a bit of a maul later in the evening. As I was there early, I can’t answer personally for the NVH levels later in the evening, but I suspect it was hardly a hushed occasion.

But, dear reader, I was there to taste, not get sozzled. So I restrained myself from taking a pint from each stand because, as there were ten – and over thirty brews to try in all – I would have been under one of the tables very quickly. And unable to tell you very much.

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Talking to Tornado Mostert: Making wine for West Coast ladies

Johan Mostert is a wheat farmer who doesn’t play golf. Instead, he says, he makes wine. Surprisingly good wine. In a fairly unusual place. 100km up the N7 just south of Piketberg, to be precise. He’s not quite alone in his winemaking pursuits – the unmissable ostentation of Org du Rac is just across the road – but his rather more humble set-up is still a fair way from his more numerous Swartland neighbours and a considerable distance from his Olifantsrivier compatriots further north.

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