National Energy Saving Campaign

The Brief

The brief centres around the government’s response to the present energy emergency in the country.

The government is determined to drive the central message of the urgent need to decrease the national demand for electricity; and in this have elected to focus attention on South African households – in particular the highest consumers of energy.

This required us to do the following:

  • Create a Positioning for the Campaign
  • Conceptualise the above-the-line advertising campaign
  • Develop a media strategy and recommendations

Television Ads:

We conceptualised and produced 2 television commercials (English and Afrikaans)

Radio Ads:

We conceptualised and produced 6 radio commercials (11 official languages)

Print & Press:

  • Looks harmless, doesn't it
    Looks harmless, doesn't it
  • Greedy guts.
    Greedy guts.
  • It's insatiable
    It's insatiable
  • Scary, isn't it?
    Scary, isn't it?