Branding a Province: The Western Cape

The Task

To develop a new Provincial Brand for the Western Cape Province - a Home for All - and to ensure that it resonates credibly with the intended target audiences.

The Premier, Ebrahim Rasool has characterised the Home for All Vision as one “that has to protect emerging generations from the racism we grew up with”. The Western Cape Province is known to be the least integrated province in the country.

Premier Ebrahim Rasool’s Home For All campaign is a bold step towards dignifying and uniting the people of this province, one that has never been taken by any provincial government in the history of South Africa.

The Solution

The conceptualisation, design, implementation and custodianship of the vision of a Home for All as expressed by Premier Ebrahim Rasool.

The Strategy

Seeks to unite the Western Cape community by…
* Acting against history
* Challenging entrenched racism
* Restoring the battered dignity of people
* Ultimately changing behaviour and creating social cohesion.

Innovative, unconventional and memorable
* It’s about much more than advertising
* It engages a diverse audience and involves customised solutions to each of them
* The 5 year strategy should broadly mirror the following steps in order to achieve our objectives:



“Ai! Daar is darem ‘n wonderlike menslikheid in die Wes-Kaap!” (A wonderful humanity)

CREATIVE RATIONALE Initial Advertising Campaign

All elements of this campaign are nourished by a singularly powerful thought:

I am Seen. I am Heard. I Am.

When I am seen, and when I am heard, I am affirmed.
A common tenet of most psychological discourse is that: I can only respect and honour others, when I myself am respected and honoured.
If we begin this journey with a celebration of individuals we plot a course towards an inevitable destination:

I see Others. I hear Others. I affirm Others.